London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts

A guide to LAMDA examinations in Nigeria.



Louise Marie Stage School provides the opportunities for children to take LAMDA examinations.

LAMDA has been fuelling the performing arts for over 150 years. LAMDA deals in excellence, passion, talent and imagination.

Through these examinations LAMDA empowers and inspires individuals – providing them with a means to improve communication skills, increase self-confidence and develop strong social skills, regardless of their experience or ability.

These Exams take place at least once a year with Louise Marie Stage School, and an external examiner from LAMDA UK takes the children through exams ranging from 10-30mins per child.The benefits of taking the LAMDA exams are tremendous and the certificate is recognised worldwide.

LAMDA is an accredited awarding body of OFQUAL (The Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator in England). Communication and Performance Examinations at Level 3 are recognised within the UCAS tariff for UK University entrance.




from the principal

At LAMDA, our mission is to seek out and train the exceptional dramatic artists and technicians of every generation, so they can have the most extraordinary impact on the world through their work in theatre, film and television.

A world-leading conservatoire, we are proud to have a faculty of experienced teachers and practitioners; all experts in their respective fields and dedicated to the progress and well-being of our students.

Our long-established relationships with industry colleagues mean we work closely with agencies, production companies and technical partners, as well as professional writers, designers, directors and actors.

This combined expertise ensures our teaching reflects the latest developments and opportunities in the industry, and gives our students exposure to the most comprehensive and rigorous training possible.

LAMDA nurtures the leading dramatic artists, trailblazers and collaborators of every generation. We deal in excellence and imagination and our students are encouraged to take risks knowing that there is a community of peers and mentors to support them on their journey. I hope this prospectus gives you a taste of what we offer. I look forward to meeting you at LAMDA

- LAMDA Principal


The benefits of taking LAMDA exam are immeasurable

In addition to being the UK’s largest statutory speech and drama awarding body, LAMDA has a reputation for excellence across the globe.

LAMDA exams are an excellent way for schools around the world to asses prospective students based on a certificate received from a recognized awarding body.

There are big incentives for any student, whether they intend on studying drama at school or not. A young person can take a Grade 6 exam (sometimes as young as 11) and earn 12 UCAS points, by the time they do a Grade 8 they can earn the equivalent of an A-Level (30 UCAS points).

Exams such as the "public speaking" exams are essential for children who wish to endeavor into career paths in law, politics and medicine, as they equip students with the skills needed to create impactful speeches, and give them the ability to express themselves in a calm, constructive and decisive manner.


Benedict Cumberbatch, Kim Cattrall, Brian Cox, David Oyelowo, Ginnefer well as several successful actors, politicians and lawyers around the world.

London Academy of Music And Dramatic Arts


LAMDA qualifications help hundreds of thousands of candidates across the world to develop confidence, communication skills and performance techniques. LAMDA exams focus on achievement – aiming to provide each individual with the opportunity to succeed and empower their sense of self, which ultimately creates well-rounded individuals.

LAMDA is one of the UK’s oldest and most respected awarding organizations who have been offering practical examinations in communication and performance subjects for over 130 years.

Examinations are available in the following areas:

Acting Monologue, Acting Duologue, Devising Drama , Group Exams, Introductory Exams,Mime, Musical Theatre Speaking In Public, Speaking Verse and Prose, Reading for Performance and Shakespeare Examination



The LAMDA exam drama classes will run for an hour and each session will cover a range of topics that will eventually lead to a speech/ monologue (in line with LAMDA' specification) that will be presented to the LAMDA examiner in April 2020.

All of our experienced tutors are professional actors who have trained at the world’s leading drama schools. As such, they bring their energy and experience to create a fun, creative learning environment for each student.

Most lessons will begin with a physical and vocal warm up, enjoyable games to help the students think on their feet and exercises to improve articulation, expression and spontaneity.

Our tutors will follow the appropriate LAMDA syllabus and prepare them to walk into their exam with unshakeable confidence and leave with a lasting sense of achievement.


Your students will spend 2 terms training with an accredited LAMDA teacher who will take them through the official LAMDA curriculum.

The training classes will take place at the school (after school) and will last for 60 minutes. There will be a maximum of 20 children in each class (we can offer extra days if there is a high inflow of applications).

An examiner from the UK will then come to your school to examine your students.


All levels of LAMDA exams are accredited as recognizable equivalents to standard qualifications: Level 1 exams (Grades 1-3) are the equivalent of low grades at GCSE, Level 2 (Grades 4 and 5) high grade GCSE and Level 3 (Grades 6,7 and 8) have the equivalent UCAS points of AS and A-Levels.


PASS: Requirements met SOME of the time

MERIT: Requirements met MOST of the time

DISTINCTION: Requirements met ALL of the time

We currently have a 100% Distinction pass


We can run a 1 day training for teachers who have a knowledge, a strong interest or experience in teaching English, Music and or Drama.

During this session the teachers will learn how to:

Understand the LAMDA syllabus

Teach LAMDA sessions

Succeed as an exam participant

Majority of the learnings will come from shadowing our tutors during the term time sessions in the classrooms.


From September 2019 all of our lead LAMDA teachers will be UK trained professional Actors and Actress with a BA in Acting and a vast amount of teaching experience.

As part of Louise Marie Stage Schools teacher exchange programme we have a variety of Acting teachers come from the UK to work with our students on a 2 term basis.

Our teachers are excited to pass on their experience and knowledge to children in Nigeria, and can't wait to learn more about our fantastic culture!



Temi Conde is a trained LAMDA performance instructor, a graduate from the Royal Welsh School of Music and Drama (Wales), and the founder of Louise Marie Stage School a performing arts school for children that currently teaches 300 children per week in Lagos, Nigeria