Dear Parents,

We are super excited to inform you that our FUN-FILLED SUMMER FILM MAKING CAMP starts Monday, 10th of July 2023.




The children spend the holidays DIRECTING, FILMING and STARING in their own movies!!!

There will also be a Movie Night Under the stars every 2nd Friday

Classes will take place from Mondays - Fridays from 9AM - 2PM

There will be a range of classes and activities every day.

There will be entrepreneurship classes every 2weeks, were the children will have the opportunity to create their own MARKET PLACE and sell their business items/services to family and friends.

Activities Include:


Film Making

Acting (Public Speaking)


Confidence Building

Entrepreneurship Class With Sales Day






And so much more...


Acting Class

Drama classes explore a wide variety of themes using improvisation, script work and acting games. Our main goal is to enable the children to develop confidence and creative skills as well as building upon their social awareness. Our acting classes thrive on imagination, teamwork and provide an excellent outlet for creativity, as well as boosting the children's self-esteem.During our acting classes students will be trained to be outstanding public speakers, great sight readers and will learn a variety of accents.

Dance Class

Our fantastic dance classes give the children an opportunity to learn a variety of dance styles e.g.; Modern-jazz, hip hop/ break dance, African dance and so much more. As well as the children learning new skills, dancing is also a fantastic way to keep fit and build on the students’ strength, flexibility and co-ordination in a safe and structured environment.

Entrepreneurship Class

Training is given to students to develop their voices for singing and speaking. Every class begins with warm up exercises; the students then go onto practicing a wide range of music styles which include an exciting mix of musical theatre, contemporary and African songs.Students will learn how to harmonise and will be trained to use microphones. Classes are always taught as a group, but opportunities to sing solos and in small groups are also given.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is an essential part of every individulas path in life. During our acting classes the children have the opportunity to explore speaking in public and the process of developing a captivating speech.



1 WEEK NGN 45,500.00 per CHILD

*Sibling Discount- NGN 38,750.00*

2WEEKS NGN 90,500.00 per CHILD

*Sibling discount: NGN 77,000.00*

3 WEEKS NGN 135,500.00 per CHILD

*Sibling discount: NGN 115,250.00*

4 WEEKS NGN 180,500.00 per CHILD

*Sibling discount: NGN 153,500.00*

5 WEEKS NGN 225,500.00 per CHILD

*Sibling Discount- NGN 191,750.00*

6 WEEKS NGN 270,500.00 per CHILD

*Sibling discount: NGN 230,000.00*

7 WEEKS NGN 284,000.00 per CHILD

*Sibling discount: NGN 241,900.00*

Note: In order to pay for sibling discount, the first child must pay the full fee.

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